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Fairtrade Steering Committee Volunteering Vacancies 

The Wimborne and Colehill Fairtrade Community Steering Committee

are seeking a new Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer.

If you are interested in offering yourself for any of those positions, 

please contact us using the E-mail Us Button on this website. Thanks!


 Wimborne and Colehill Fairtrade Community

Joins Planet Wimborne


Planet Wimborne is an Umbrella Group bringing together

many organisations active in Wimborne and its surrounding area.

These organisations are all working towards

a more ethical and sustainable local community.

Wimborne and Colehill Fairtrade Community are

promoting both ethical and sustainable trading and therefore

we have joined Planet Wimborne.

We had a great Planet Wimborne Green Festival

Watch out for Fairtrade Fortnight events in February and March

In the meantime we are going to be visiting our Fairtrading partners

in Wimborne and Colehill to update our website listings and 

hopefully sign up some new partners.


Journal of Fair Trade has recently launched - 

Check it out on 


If you would like your business to be listed as a FairTrade supplier in Wimborne or Colehill, please apply for registration.